The Happy Family public organization was founded in order to help people to avoid swindlers in the field of reproductive medicine. Happy Family is an independent organization which doesn’t cooperate with reproductive medicine centers. The main goal of this organization is to provide people with relevant truthful information concerning health care centers and services they provide and to help infertile couples to avoid frauds and potential problems. Assisted methods of reproductive medicine (egg donation, IVF, surrogacy) are extremely popular in today's world. And this is not small wonder, since each 5th couple in the world has faced the infertility diagnose. Because of a great popularity of such methods number of swindlers and illegal agencies wishing to make a whole bunch of money on somebody’s misfortune has been raising.

Very often, due to fraudulent activity and low awareness of patients children stay without parents, get into orphanages and even "black" market of organs sale. Both parents and children suffer because of swindlers activityand they in turn earn big money.

Happy Family will help you to avoid these and many other possible troubles. Using absolutely free assistance of the Happy Familyorganization you can receive useful advices in the field of reproductive medicine, detailed information about clinics and professional advices of experts on issues relating to assisted methods of reproductive medicine and their use.

Happy Family doesn’t cooperate with clinics or companies. We do not promote health centers, but only inform you describing the pros and cons of different medical centers, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of clinics you need and the final choice will be made only by yourself.

Do not risk the well-being of your family, save your nerves and health and enjoy all the pleasure of family life which will be added with a small member! Happy Family is on the look-out of your family’sevenness and its continuation!