Gestational surrogacy is permitted. A contract should be written and it should include reimbursement for medical expenses, lodging of surrogate mother during gestation, meals and childbirth and the postnatal period. (Of course altruistic surrogacy between relatives is also permitted).

According to the Belarus law 53 “Code of marriage and families”, Belarus women can be surrogate mothers and the right regulations give a possibility to provide such services on the same conditions for foreigners. The list of concrete medical activities, contract signing with surrogate mother, managing the relationship of genetic parents and surrogate mother and all other juridical aspects connected with IVF is based on resolution of Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus №71.

Today in Belarus artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood are allowed. Virtually all issues are resolved at the legislative level, a separate law and a whole list of different regulations. However, this situation does not suit everybody. Catholic and Orthodox churches have put forward a proposal to the draft law "On the protection of health" add to ban abortion, surrogacy and sex change operations in order to strengthen demographic security. Roman Catholic Church and the Belarusian Orthodox Church offer a level of legislation to prohibit surrogate motherhood, abortion and sex change operations at the request of the patient.  Representatives of religions advocate the complete exclusion of the possibility of abortion (abortion), and the use of any reproductive technology, contrary to moral principles.