IVF for women over 50 

Nowadays, tendency to late childbearing has been rising. There are a lot of women in modern society who want to give birth at the age of 50 and upward. What is a moving cause of such decision? It can be a second, third marriage and desire to have common children, or a certain problems with health which did not give an opportunity to have children in a natural way. Sometimes couples just want to enjoy life, to create well grounded conditions of life and only then to think about successors. But here one can face a little “but”. In particular the fact that woman’s organism loses possibility to bear a child after menopause sets in.

IVF technologies make a rescue in solution of such an issue! Woman of any age can use IVF procedure if she has no serious health problems and contraindication to IVF carrying out. During IVF or surrogacy procedure, doctors take husband’s sperm cells (they are active at any age) and donor’s ovum (in the case when biological mother can not produce own ones).

A great number of European citizens over 50 years old come to countries where IVF procedure is legal to use modern technologies in sphere of reproductive medicine. And great result can be seen. Women after 50 give birth to healthy children and without any problems.  Clinics we recommend have rich data bases of donors who were checked according to all norms and rules. Patient can choose donor who meets all his requirements and wishes.

Due to the fact that the number of aged mothers has been increasing part of the global society grew hot over assisted methods of reproductive medicine and countries that use them in order to help aged women bear a child. But it is worth to get a new angle on this issue. There are thousands of infertile women in the world and they are unhappy because of it. New technologies in medicine have been developing positively and can help these women to become mothers and to feel all the happiness of motherhood.

Maybe those ones who do not agree with such situation must to look at it from the other side. Today most Europeans, firstly prefer to get a decent education, good profession, earn some capital, enjoy their life fully and only after that give birth to successors. And it is important to be aware of the unchangeable fact that female body, after 50 years can not become pregnant without the help of assisted reproductive techniques. And it is a great fortune that today’s medicine has such ones. IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, donor cells methods help a lot of desperate couples go through the happiness of fatherhood and motherhood. Community just needs to look at this issue from the other side and slant on the question more modern, considering all trends of the 21st century. Also we must not forget the fact that if woman decides to take such a step, it means that she has a serious reason for it and it would be better to consider the state of her health, financial situation and other factors in each individual case, but not her age at all. Humanity is evolving and the world changes over time. And it is important to take into account these changes.

Today clinics that perform such procedures as IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, and donor cells transfer have a mass influx of patients over 50. Legal centers of reproductive medicine welcome such clients with certainty and have a positive result in any case.

If you are over 50 and your cherished dream is to become a happy parents we can help you to find the best clinic. And remember that by hook or by crook we will help your dream come true.