Contraindications to IVF 

Unfortunately, there are some diseases and pathological conditions due to which IVF procedure is prohibited or not recommended. In such cases, doctors individually solve the question of possibility of IVF procedure carrying out for each patient. Here is the list of contraindications to IVF method. 

These are cases when IVF is contraindicated:

  • serious common diseases (serious heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension III-IV stages etc.), and mental illnesses, which are contraindications to pregnancy and childbirth;
  • birth defects or evoked deformities of uterus, due to which there is no possibility of attaching embryo in womb or child bearing;
  • benign tumors of uterus, requiring operative treatment are usually an obstacle to a pregnancy, and during pregnancy they can begin to grow rapidly and cause a habitual noncarrying of pregnancy;
  • ovarian tumors, as during hormonal therapy administration, in the IVF method, and pregnancy, they can accelerate their growth, as well as develop into cancer;
  • Acute inflammatory diseases of any location, as pharmacologic agents used in IVF, to some extent, suppress defense reaction that can lead to the spread of inflammatory process.
  • cancer of any location (including those were in past) can lead to serious inconvertible consequences or even death.