Pregnancy is an extremely important and serious decision, especially if you have decided to use methods of reproductive medicine in addressing this significant issue. Unfortunately, in this sphere you can face with swindlers and fake clinics of reproductive medicine. Having decided to use services of artificial insemination center, first of all, it is necessary to study thoroughly all clinics that offer procedures you are interested in. NGO "Happy Family" can easily help you in this complex issue. Here you will find the detailed information about all of the clinics of reproductive medicine which are represented all over the world. Centers that we offer you and have the detailed information on meet all of the requirements and the European standards. Accreditation of these health care institutions was 100% verified by our organization.

Quite an important point in the decision to resort to the help of surrogate mothers is legalization of all rights and obligations of both sides. Laws that regulate surrogacy, all rights and obligations of a surrogate mother, and of those for whom she bears a child, differ in jurisdictions of all countries. We will help you to study all the legal aspects and make the procedure of surrogacy easy.

Staff of clinics which were verified by "Happy Family" organization has legal experts and lawyers who provide all patients with the necessary legal support, advice on matters relating to artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood. In the case of surrogacy, legal specialists will help you to prepare all of the necessary contracts correctly, according to the appropriate laws, so that in future there are no conflicts and discord between intended parents and a surrogate mother. Therefore, the whole complex of services provided by our health care centers is absolutely legitimate.

An important aspect of our organization’s policies is the fact that clinics and centers of reproductive medicine we recommend are held fully liable for everything, from the beginning of medical procedure to its end, unlike those agencies that often waive responsibility and control immediately after the signing of the appropriate agreements. We advise you clinics that work under fair and legal rules due to which interests of patients are brought to the forefront.

Also, "Happy Family" organization recommends clinics that announce price for the procedure at once. As soon as you have decided on the procedure you are interested in, our experts tell you its final price which includes entire package of services. Other agencies for their part tell their patients one price at first, and in the end, it turns out that the actual cost of the procedures is twice as much. It is very important to pay attention to this issue in order to avoid swindlers who just want to cash in on your problem.

It’s also very important to know that any legal clinic of reproductive medicine, in the case of surrogacy procedures, contracting with patients, undertakes to conduct a DNA test after baby’s birth. This test is also included in the sum agreed before.

Centers that are recommended by a non-profit public organization "Happy Family" are leaders in the field of reproductive medicine in Europe. Years of experience in this sphere and a high percentage of births in health care institutions we offer allowed them to earn a well-deserved trust and brand quality.