No complications, direct consultation and great professionals! Thank you very much for your consultation! I have been trying to find more information on doctors at the clinic I was planning to sign with, you gave me more than I needed. I suppose all of you know how hard it is to trust someone you meet for the first time, especially when it comes to medical treatment. I do not want to get into details, it is too personal, the only thing I want to say that I am extremely, I mean EXTREMELY, grateful for your great work, you have helped me to become calmer which was and is vital for me! I want to wish you all of the best and good luck! More people need to know about your organization!!!!

Poline Tawkins

I am very thankful you are in the area to care for us when we need you. Unbelievably but you have responded to almost all of my emails in 30 minutes – max a couple of hours. When I sent you the inquiry I did so without even hoping to hear from you again! But I was obviously proven wrong by your friendliness and qualification! Not everyone can give you an expert advice about some documents’ issues in Russia; thanks to Happy Family I have found one of the best lawyers out there to help me with my papers. Everything is good right now and I think it is only because I have had such a great lawyer at the time! Thank you Dmitriy and Markus for your help! Good luck from Michael, Sweden.

Michael, Sweden

Such a unique organization Happy Family is! I’m grateful for your help and advice. You are very competent when it comes to issues regarding medical tourism. As it is not the safest thing, I was seeking someone’s advice about clinics in Europe, glad that I was so lucky to find this WEB-site. Thanks!

Mary-Kate R.

Great team! I would recommend Happy Family to everyone who needs professional advice! Any kind of it, honestly, it is amazing how you can literally ask anything and get a pro consultation in a single moment, I am saving all those emails for later, there’s a lot of useful information, actually. Indeed is a great organization!

Lorraine M.

I might have fertility issues but I have never felt desperate or unhappy, I always knew that there is an option for me. And thankfully there was! I assume that everyone knows how difficult it is to go through fertility treatment knowing that you are yourself responsible for your situation whatever the situation is. I mean, you have to find yourself a professional doctor, a counselor, a nurse, for example. But how to do that when you are torn between two countries and do not know where your mind is. There is certain plus when it comes to turning to an organization like this – there is someone who knows better! Even though I am married, there are some things that cannot be decided in 10 minutes especially when you have 0 competence (and my husband agrees with me on it). So, I am very grateful for your assistance, Henry! And others who perhaps helped us with all of  the stupid questions and inquiries we had! Best wishes from Amanda and Sam!

Amanda and Sam

Inutile de dire comment l’organisation Happy Familly nous a aidé! En 2016 on a fait face au monde de PMA… et c’est un vrai bordel!  Nous ne pouvons pas vous remercier assez pour votre aide et votre soutien. C’était un grand soulagement de partager avec des personnes qui ne jugent pas, qui étaient dans la même situation que toi. Je suis consciente que vous êtes tout à fait à l’écoute pour donner des conseils, expliquer les étapes, comment procéder, d’où commencer et où aller. Je vous assure que notre famille est devenue plus heureuse que jamais et c’est tout à fait votre mérite! On vous embrasse!

Les K.

It was good to be consulted with professionalism and care. I was more than pleased with my experience communicating with Markus. He’s not your average client’s manager! Usually, I am a hard critic of services, I tend to get very frustrated is something does not go the way I wanted. There are really high standards I evaluate someone’s work, especially, when it comes to public organizations. But here, I have no complaints at all. And I cannot even imagine anyone complaining about getting free consultation from people with such high expertise! At the end, it always comes to me taking the decision, but I am glad and happy to have had your team assisting me for this short period of time! Thank you a lot for your hard work and best wishes!


We’ve been recommended to address to this organization some time ago, I do not remember when actually. My good friends on the Internet have been telling me to turn to professionals for advice; my husband and I were not so sure we needed one though. Long story short, I am extremely thankful for all of the help and advice we got here. Honestly, I was a bit worried at the very beginning, but I thought it would not hurt to give it a go.

Thank you for the excellent service! I have spoken to Henry and to Louisa, they were both nice and kind to me even though I was emailing them constantly in the course of 2 months. They were so nice to consult me about some legal issues I had, I was happy to inform them that we’ve resolved everything thanks to the company they have recommended me.

It is nice to have someone who’s here and willing to help others!

Thank you very much!

Helene G.

A big hug and thank you from Collin and Paul! We are still so happy that we cannot even express our thoughts properly! Sorry for that! Your team is outstanding, very professional, thank you for the attention you dedicated to our particular case! We did not expect to meet such competent people from your part! With a lot of love from now a very happy family! 🙂

Collin and Paul

Top-notch organization! Amazing service, great support staff! I was truly amazed. Thank you for reoffering me to a lawyer who helped me with my residence permit in France. Now, I even know what I have to do next and to whom to address in case of something unexpected! Also, I am more than shocked that you do charge nothing for the work you do!

Adam Horowitz