We are an international organization and our staff is composed of experienced and caring souls, talented journalists, lawyers, qualified doctors and volunteers, some of which are prior egg donors or surrogate mothers themselves. Our organization approaches every aspect of infertility with sensitivity and respect and is committed to the happiness and success of our clients. We have years of experience on a professional as well as on a personal level. We are passionate about what we do and realize that people should have more information and greater participation and choice in the care they receive.

In order to get our assistance, you need to contact us via email. You will be having a conversation with our team member and you will have an opportunity to share your issues and to get relevant advice. Any questions are welcome, so don’t be afraid of asking a lot. We are here to help you through every step of your fertility journey. We guarantee personalized care and individual approach towards every couple.

First of all, we share our experience-based knowledge accumulated through the years of dealing with fertility issues. Our team of lawyers and fertility specialists provides legal and medical assistance. This means that questions regarding surrogacy law or health questions will find answers whenever you need this.  So, you get our fertility knowledge and legal advice, along with comprehensive support throughout your fertility journey.

Yes. We work with couples from every part of the world and are proud to help our supporters, regardless of their ethnicity and nationality. We have an extensive and diverse team of experts all over the world ready to serve your needs.

Yes. We are a nonprofit organization and our main idea is devoted to absolutely free guidance for couples that can’t have children without assistance.

Yes. The service providers we can recommend deal with commercial (compensated) surrogacy where it’s allowed and provide assistance in altruistic (non-compensated) surrogacy if it’s the only option allowed according to the law of your country.  

Our recommendations are based on a wide range of criteria, including service provider’s experience, clients’ feedback, location, variety of services, price, criteria for selecting surrogates and egg donors, conditions they are provided with, level of medical services, legal services, refund programs, guarantee programs and other features.

Of course. Your preferences are the main criteria for finding optimum offers just for you. We can find affordable or luxury options, in the USA or in Europe, depending on your preferences. Our aim is not to enforce a choice, but to offer a choice, even if you think the situation is quite unpromising.

We keep in touch with agencies  which work with different fertility clinics. However, there are few clinics which have own team serving patients instead of an agency.

We make our choice thoroughly and carefully. We check on a regular basis if the agencies in our list are still worth our trust and contact new service providers if they meet all our requirements. We are confident in the agencies we recommend.

If you decide to sign with an agency which we offered, there are two scenarios: we may arrange the first consultation or you can do it on your own.