Who we are

First of all, Happy Family isn’t a place or a certain office building. We are an Idea. We are a powerful virtual network of the family happiness champions. Second, we are a NON-profit organization.

In 2012 the dynamical and fast-evolving world of reproductology made us assemble the team of enthusiasts, who were ready to sacrifice their time and energy to assist, those who needed their help. The group of skilled practitioners and just people, who had faced infertile issues in the past, decided to come together to claim childless couples’ assistance as the highest aspiration of the organization. Now Happy Family is a professional consulting team, which gives solutions to people, who struggling against infertility.

None of us ask money for the assistance. Exactly this approach has become the main idea of our organization that resulted in its specific features, which has eventually become a conception we still adhere up to now.

Our crucial task is to guide and provide people with an explanation of the most important and perplexing aspects of the fertility treatment.

Furthermore, we can assist couples to find new ways, in case their previous plans were wrecked due to different reasons.

Happy Family working methods:

Individual approach to the cases

Daily Monitoring of the Latest News

Psychological support and legal services

Constant contact with all representatives

Improving the awareness level

Our Goal

Many countries can’t apply Assisted Reproductive Technologies but a desire of their residents to have children reaches far beyond state borders. As well as Happy Family has no borders in its desire to assist.

We are not just a team of professionals. Everyone, who faces the problem of infertility is the part of our organization.

We have already assisted a lot of people struggling against infertility by setting sights on clinics, maintaining confident relations between couples and clinics and saving people’s time and money.

 What you should know about Happy Family:

    Happy Family is

your personal free guide in reproductology

A team of multi-faceted specialists united by one aim

an assosiation of medicine and legal experts

your life-line

your interests protection

a fraud protection

A big hug and thank you from Collin and Paul! We are still so happy that we cannot even express our thoughts properly! Sorry for that! Your team is outstanding, very professional, thank you for the attention you dedicated to our particular case! We did not expect to meet such competent people from your part! With a lot of love from now a very happy family! 🙂

Collin and Paul

Great team! I would recommend Happy Family to everyone who needs professional advice! Any kind of it, honestly, it is amazing how you can literally ask anything and get a pro consultation in a single moment, I am saving all those emails for later, there’s a lot of useful information, actually. Indeed is a great organization!

Lorraine M.

Top-notch organization! Amazing service, great support staff! I was truly amazed. Thank you for reoffering me to a lawyer who helped me with my residence permit in France. Now, I even know what I have to do next and to whom to address in case of something unexpected! Also, I am more than shocked that you do charge nothing for the work you do!

Adam Horowitz

Our Origin

The organization got its current name “Happy Family” when the new wave of specialists was interested in joining to our vision. A group of talented journalists, lawyers, doctors, and volunteers has established the massive consulting network, that we are now. They contributed to developing the main purpose of the organization. Thus, the world got the NPO such as Happy family.

Having a lot of ties and connections, we were able to go global and assist people all around the world, even in countries, where reproductive technologies were banned by the local government.

Applying to Happy Family feel certain, that we will find a personal approach to your case. And there are no doubts we will be able to match the most appropriate option for you.

Also, the professionals co-operating with Happy Family consider your emotionally-affected state, so you will certainly get a personal psychological counseling approach besides the other advances.